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Finally! It feels so good finally arriving at the hotel. To be away from home will be so awesome. I had longed for this for too long. Work has been killing me these last few months. To get away from it is true bliss. There weeks in this sunny paradise will be exactly what I need to freshen up my body. I'll go shopping, show off my new bikini at the beach, sunbathe and everything else I can't do at home. That has to wait until I've ordered some room service though. My stomach is roaring so loud that I barely hear my own thoughts. It's to be expected though. I haven't eaten since I the plane lifted and that was… oh dear, fifteen hours ago. It'll be nice to get something to fill me up. Better not eat too much though. I don't want to ruin this slim figure I've busted my but to achieve. All that hard work has totally paid off. Everything about me is so slender and firm. I almost look like a model. Teehee! Well, no time to dilly dally around. Room service was it. There we go, the number
:iconsibon13:sibon13 78 21
Becky noms
*nom nom nom*
"Hey Becky, are you sure this is safe?"
*nom nom sluuurrp*
"I don't know but it does feel a bit uncomfortable."
"Where did you get the idea of swallowing me alive anyway?"
"Mmmm...." *nom*
"Maybe it's for the best if you let me..."
*GULP* "Aaah..."
That last sentence, like the ones before it, fell on deaf ears. Henry had no chance of talking Becky out of this, resulting in him sliding down into her stomach. Everything was dark and moist, slightly churning and groaning. It was cramp and extremely warm too. There was barely any room to move around in there. He pressed against the walls for a brief moment, just to try it. It made a squishy sound and caused bulges to appear on his devourer's belly.
He had no idea why he had agreed to it. At first it sounded like a cool idea, but in the heat of the moment it felt wrong. It wasn't the best choice he had made, that's for sure. Becky, while shocked that it actually worked, felt happy and really full. All her life she ha
:iconsibon13:sibon13 205 73
High School Vormance (vore)
Abby is not usually the kind of girl that would be the main character of a story, acting more as an underdog than anything, but this is not like most other stories...
She was a 16 year-old secondary school student, slightly below average height, had brownish-blonde hair, blue eyes, a creamy skin colour, a dorky yet timid personality, a modest physique and a sensible dress sense. She also had an aptitude for academia, a fascination for hockey, having been a star player since year 7, captainship of the local youth group and a vague understanding of her future plans. However, no girl is without worries or insecurities.
Since she began secondary school, Abby had been experiencing internal feelings, both confusing and distressing to her. Despite good friends, a loving family and an adoring boyfriend Charlie, something was missing from her life. No matter how hard she tried, Abby could not put her finger on what it was that was causing such emotional unrest. It was only when her friend Jade
:iconpuglord69:Puglord69 28 0
Baby Fat XP by AdjectiveNounCombo Baby Fat XP :iconadjectivenouncombo:AdjectiveNounCombo 1,754 1,093 Baby Fat - The Deep End by AdjectiveNounCombo Baby Fat - The Deep End :iconadjectivenouncombo:AdjectiveNounCombo 1,828 625 Baby Fat - The Pantry Expansion by AdjectiveNounCombo Baby Fat - The Pantry Expansion :iconadjectivenouncombo:AdjectiveNounCombo 1,772 503 Baby Fat - Turn Up by AdjectiveNounCombo Baby Fat - Turn Up :iconadjectivenouncombo:AdjectiveNounCombo 1,301 621 Baby Fat by AdjectiveNounCombo Baby Fat :iconadjectivenouncombo:AdjectiveNounCombo 2,148 602 Jessica Play by v-games by ownednooberhaha
Mature content
Jessica Play by v-games :iconownednooberhaha:ownednooberhaha 1,126 53
Rosalina Vore Game by ownednooberhaha
Mature content
Rosalina Vore Game :iconownednooberhaha:ownednooberhaha 902 128
The Elevator Ride
Working for a high-profile entertainment company in New York City has its downsides. While you are within walking distance to everything you could hope for, there are times where you have to come in early and stay late to get all of your work done. On this particular morning, you have decided to come in early, so you can catch up on some work before the day starts. As you step into the elevator and wait for the door to close, you hear a woman call out to you.
“Hold the door!”
Keeping the elevator open, you recognize the woman hurriedly approaching you. While you do not know her name, you do know that she works on the 40th floor, meaning that she works in the legal department.
“Thanks!” She says as she gets in, sighing with relief.
You look at her and smile, but find that you cannot look away. Instead of wearing the usual modest blouse and jacket with a pencil skirt, she is dressed in formfitting yoga clothes that show off her incredible body. Her attire accentua
:iconputmeinyourbelly:PutMeInYourBelly 66 4
Mature content
Stevie's Diary :iconputmeinyourbelly:PutMeInYourBelly 17 6
Jane's Midnight Snack
As sunlight filtered into the room, Jane was gently awoken by the squirming feeling coming from within her enormous belly.
"Mmmm." She moaned as she caressed her vast midsection, "Looks like I found something to eat after the party last night. Too bad I don't remember eating you, I bet you tasted even better than you feel."
This round of taunting prompted even harder struggling, much to Jane's satisfaction. While enjoying the bounty of her drunken conquest, Jane heard muffled cries of help emanate from the confines of her innards, something she relished.
"Ja--! --ne! Let -- out! Plea-e!"
Jane giggled, knowing her food would never make it out of her alive.
"No can do, Mr. Meal. My gut is your new home. I hope you like it, I've heard it's very snug!"
Jane closed her eyes as her midnight snack continued to push against the walls of his fleshy prison and call out her name, reveling in the power she felt.
"Ja-e! Jane! Pleas-!"
Suddenly, she froze; this voice sounded familiar. She slowly ran
:iconputmeinyourbelly:PutMeInYourBelly 73 6
Melissa's Revenge (Vore)
Melissa was very upset over recent events in her house. There was one person who she was very angry with and she wanted to get her revenge. It was her father, Ken. She didn't understand him, or how her sisters reacted to any of his shit the way that they
did. It was disgusting to her.
It was disturbing. But one day, she wondered what would happen if she turned things around. How would Ken react then? She was wearing a pair of blue jeans and a red bra. Her panties came up a bit past them, but she didn't mind. Like this, her breasts were pretty noticable. They weren't the biggest in the world or the smallest, but they were definitely bigger than either of her sisters. She walked into her father's room, not saying a word.
"Need anything, Melissa?" asked Ken.
Melissa said nothing as she approached him. Once she got there, she placed her hands on his shoulders and opened her mouth wide. Ken just stared, not saying a word as he felt himself get pulled inside of his daughter's mouth. Melissa
:iconzikik:Zikik 14 0
Messing With Melissa (Vore)
It was a quiet afternoon in Ken's home. He definitely wasn't the world's greatest dad, but he was surely far from being the worst in the world. He had three daughters. One he got along with pretty well, one just okay, and the last one, his oldest, not so much.
For as long as he could remember the two of them had a troublesome relationship. It was a bit worse now, because of something he had done previously. This day, he decided to go see her. He knocked on the door to her room. He got no response. He waited patiently and then knocked again. He still got know response.
"Melissa, I know you're in there." said Ken.
Yet again, he did not get a response. So, he decided to just walk right in. Melissa was in bed, watching T.V. Ken looked at her, and she looked up.
"What do you want, Dad?" asked Melissa.
"I wanted to talk to you about..." started Ken, but he trailed off and looked at the ceiling.
"...What? Don't just come in here if you have nothing -" started Melissa.
"...It's about this." he
:iconzikik:Zikik 8 0
The Mock Trial's Reward (Vore)
The courtroom was quiet. Phoenix had has hands placed on his desk. Edgeworth stared at him from the opposite side of the courtroom, his hand on his desk. The silence would soon be broken, by the judge banging his gavel.
"Court in is now in session for the mock trial of Maya Fey." said the judge, "And as you all know, today is a very special case."
"And that would be?" asked Edgeworth, his arms folded.
"The reward for the winner." answered the Judge, "Could Ms. von Karma come up to the stand?"
It didn't take long, but Franziska von Karma came up to the stand wearing nothing but a silver bra and pair of panties. She placed her hand on the stand.
"I don't have my whip today, because I'll let my belly do the talking today." said Franziska, "That's right! The winner of this
trial gets to be digested by me!"
"And there you go," said the judge, "there's some incentive. Now, Edgeworth, please give your opening statement."
Phoenix and Edgeworth had been battling each other for a while and e
:iconzikik:Zikik 7 0


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I made this OC for a friend of mine, she needed a drawing of her OC for her story so I tried to help, it's a loz OC, thus the Hyrule background


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